Private Investments 

Education, the arts, medical technology, wearable devices — each of Surlamer’s private investments have proven the potential to transform, innovate, or serve the greater good. Take a look at the unique companies that we’ve helped grow through investment.

VK Suites


Kush Supply Co.

The New Port Theater


CT Realty

OnSite Waste Technologies



Real Estate

In addition to our focus on entrepreneurship, Surlamer Investments has also built a diversified portfolio of commercial and residential real estate, including office properties, single-family homes, condos, and commercial lands. Our investment strategy is driven by long-term hold opportunities — often exceeding ten years. The properties we target through our use of various analytic models display the likelihood of significant capital gains over time while paying their own carry costs during the hold period.



Orbitron is a long-short equity fund focused on macro investment themes. Quantitative filters and bottom up fundamental analysis generally select up to 40 long and short positions, while significant use of options generates income and hedges risk. Alpha is created through sector thematic focus, stock selection, and option overlay structures.


MAGI invests in non-domestic thematic positions through direct equity and derivative positions. MAGI utilizes both company fundamental bottoms up research and quantitative model based research for asset selection, valuation, asset allocation and portfolio/risk management.


Philanthropic Investments

We believe that it’s not enough to do well, we must also do good. Through The Massiah Foundation,we have channeled our desire for investing into philanthropic efforts focused on education, healthcare, and the preservation of arts and culture. The Massiah Foundation’s gifts in excess of $50 million have been used to fund The Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies at University of California, Irvine, the Northwest Center for Engineering at Portland State University, and over 200 scholarships for low income high school students who continue onto college, in addition to a number of other university student scholarships and faculty endowments.